Sermon Highlights – August 4, 2019 – You Can’t Take it With You

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Sermon Highlights – August 4, 2019 – You Can’t Take it With You

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What really matters?

Have you ever heard anyone say on their death bed, ‘I wish I hadn’t given so much away. I wish I had kept more for myself?’” As we approach death it is sometimes easier to understand what really matters. Our lives and everything we have belong to God. We are merely stewards of his gifts during our God-given earthly lives.

You Can’t Take it With You

Sermon for

Sunday 4th of August

By The Rev. Canon Dr. Brian Jemmott

Sermon Highlights written by Shelton Radix

Life is not futile, if we practice being rich toward God

  • Be aware of the vanity that our lives can produce
  • Bigger does not mean better
  • Pursuing financial wealth is not what God desires of us
  • Having and seeking material abundance is self consuming/selfish
  • Greed is sinful
  • Use our God given gifts and blessings to benefit others
  • Share what you have and be a blessing to others
  • Collectively, there is an abundance of possessions among us, sufficient to benefit us all.
  • Remember that our lives may be cut short when we least expect them to.
  • It’s all about serving God, with the abundance of our gifts. That’s the way God planned it. Life therefore, according to God’s plan for us.

With every blessing and peace,
The Rev. Canon Dr. Brian A. Jemmott

About The Rev. Canon Dr. Brian Jemmott

The Rev. Canon Dr. Brian Jemmott serves as Canon to the Ordinary and Transitions Officer of the Diocese of New Jersey. Canon Jemmott joined the diocese in February 2016 as Canon Missioner for Black Ministries.  A year later he was appointed by The Right. Rev. Bishop Stokes to his current position. Canon has been dubbed “The Singing Priest”.

Ordained a priest in the Diocese of Trinidad and Tobago in the Province of the West Indies on the Feast of St. Matthew, September 21, 1991, Fr. Jemmott has served in the Diocese of Atlanta since 1997 as a parish priest and in campus ministry. He was the rector of the Church of the Holy Cross in Atlanta since 2006. Fr. Jemmott earned a Doctor of Ministry degree from Episcopal Divinity School in 2009. His thesis was titled, “Other Sheep I Have: Realizing God’s Kingdom Beyond the Margins by Celebrating God’s Diversity in the Black Episcopal Church.”